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See my answers inline.

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I'm working for a hardware based MOM vendor (Solace Systems) and we are
thinking about developing a mw bridge for openMama.

I've some questions :

1)When I look at
roadmaps, C++ wrapper and MAMDA C++ should be released by now.

Do you have any update you can share on the roadmap ?
We are currently working on the C++ MAMA wrappers and MAMDA C++. Our intention is to have all of the components (MAMDA C++, MAMA C++, MAMA JNI, MAMDA JAVA, etc.) complete by April. MAMA C++ and MAMDA C++ will be the first to be completed. I can not commit to a specific date at this point, but I will send an update to the list when I can.

2) As previously mentioned on this list, there is no documentation at
the moment regarding building a middleware bridge. From my reading of
the avis example, below is my understanding, Mike, could you please
comment ?
I am working on the bridge documentation.

-A MW bridge implement all the stuff defined in the mamaBridgeImpl
structure, for example if the implIdentifier is sol,
This is correct. The mamaBridgeImpl structure contains all the methods required by MAMA for a fully functional bridge. Some middlewares may not support all of the functionality and return MAMA_STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED. For example Avis does not implement the mama_bridgeMamaIO_create, method mentioned below because it does not have the ability to process IO events (read/write readiness on a file descriptor). In this case and some others, we may at some point add capabilities at the MAMA level for middlewares that do not support features natively.

The bridge documentation, when complete, will address which functions and capabilities are optional.

bridgeOpen of the mamaBridgeImpl struct is a pointer to solBridge_open

-The signature of each function is given in bridge.h as well. For
example :

typedef mama_status (*bridgeMamaIo_create)(ioBridge* result,


uint32_t descriptor,

mamaIoCb action,

mamaIoType ioType,

mamaIo parent,

void* closure);

is implemented in io.c of the avis bridge :


avisBridgeMamaIo_create(ioBridge* result,

void* nativeQueueHandle,

uint32_t descriptor,

mamaIoCb action,

mamaIoType ioType,

mamaIo parent,

void* closure)


*result = 0;




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