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Daniel Cegiełka <daniel.cegielka@...>

Hi Alex,

2012/1/20 <alex.stovboun@...>

I am researching various middleware options. ZeroMQ looks promising.

There is already an idea to add support for RDMA/IB in ZeroMQ - that would cut latency into 2-3 us.

Any plans to implement a bridge for it? If yes, is there a timeline?

I'm planning to get involved in the preparation of support for ZeroMQ and I hope that in future the ZeroMQ bridge will be a part of the MAMA. It would be very good if we could build for ZeroMQ active and stable support - especially look forward to working here with NYSE Technologies.

I am also looking into writing a bridge for our proprietary middleware.

If you could briefly describe the bridge interface functions (at least the most important ones) - that would already be a great starting point for anyone trying to write a bridge.

MAMA is based on the dlopen() function but it's very important to prepare bridge with a deep understanding of the messages, which is necessary for MAMDA:

There is also a lot of questions about how to prepare ZeroMQ bridge - using raw zmq C API (zmq.h) or maybe C++ (zmq.hpp) with MAMA C++ wrapper (not published yet by NYSE).. or C API with czmq?

best regards,



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