[PATCH 07/12] Removed dead code

Ian Bell <IBell@...>

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From: Ian Bell <ibell@...>

Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 16:19:10 +0100

Subject: [PATCH 07/12] Removed dead code


Removed a line in jni that served no purpose


Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <ibell@...>


mama/jni/src/c/mamamsgjni.c |    3 +--

1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 2 deletions(-)


diff --git a/mama/jni/src/c/mamamsgjni.c b/mama/jni/src/c/mamamsgjni.c

index bbb59de..2ed7e3c 100644

--- a/mama/jni/src/c/mamamsgjni.c

+++ b/mama/jni/src/c/mamamsgjni.c

@@ -4434,7 +4434,6 @@ JNIEXPORT jboolean JNICALL Java_com_wombat_mama_MamaMsg_tryString

   (JNIEnv * env, jobject this, jstring name, jint fid, jobject result)


     mama_status     status          = MAMA_STATUS_OK;

-    jlong           stringPointer     =   0;

     jlong              msgPointer      =   0;        

      const char*        c_name          =   NULL;

      const char*     retVal_c        =   NULL;

@@ -4449,7 +4448,7 @@ JNIEXPORT jboolean JNICALL Java_com_wombat_mama_MamaMsg_tryString

     /* Get the pointer to the underlying message*/                         

     msgPointer = (*env)->GetLongField(env,this,messagePointerFieldId_g);   


-                              "Null parameter, MamaMsg may have already been destroyed.", JNI_FALSE);    stringPointer   = (*env)->GetLongField(env,result,jMamaStringValue_g);

+                             "Null parameter, MamaMsg may have already been destroyed.", JNI_FALSE);


     if(MAMA_STATUS_OK==(mamaTryIgnoreNotFound(env, mamaMsg_getString(

                         CAST_JLONG_TO_POINTER(mamaMsg,msgPointer),c_name, fid,



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