Writing an AMQP bridge

Raph Cohn

OpenMAMA looks like it's got the potential to solve a substantial hole in messaging. In particular, it makes a superb way to write portable C applications that use MQ.

We've been looking at the documentation and source, and are interested in working with the OpenMAMA community to develop an AMQP 1-0 bridge. We currently have an active open source project for a C client for AMQP 1-0, libamqp (https://github.com/libamqp)

It looks like it would be quite possible to integrate this into OpenMAMA. The challenge is that we'd also need to define a small 'profile' for AMQP 1-0 vendors to support the full fidelity of OpenMAMA (eg data dictionaries) - we've done some work on how this might be possible. Ideally this would need the buy in from the other AMQP vendors. However, OpenMAMA steering group members and AMQP membership is somewhat aligned, so I'm sure that this is possible.

We'd also be interested in helping write a Java wrapper, to provide a sensible, cross-platform alternative to JMS. As a first pass, this could use BridJ to deliver most functionality (http://code.google.com/p/bridj/). In our experience it can achieve about 90% of JNI's performance, and, with modification to use Sun specifics (eg Unsafe), can be used in a most un-Java, but efficient, manner. For the final 10% one is almost better off compiling a special JVM.

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