mamaMsg_freeString issue

Guy <guy.tal@...>


We have found an issue with string handling in mama while looking at our payload implementation of mamaMsg_toString.
According to the documentation the string should be freed by the caller using mamaMsg_freeString() but this function is not implemented.

See p. in the OpenMAMA C API Reference Manual. MAMAExpDLL const char mamaMsg_toString (const mamaMsg msg)
Return a const char representation the message.
Must call mamaMsg_freeString() to free memory allocated for string.
msg The message.
A string representation of the message.

Currently the function mamaMsg_freeString is empty.

See the code in msg.c:

mamaMsg_freeString (const mamaMsg msg, const char* msgString)


Can someone explain what is intended here? Is the payload supposed to implement its own freeString called through mamaMsg_freeString?
Has anyone else tried to address this problem, if so, how?

Guy - Tick42

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