OpenMAMA Library Manager - First Draft (0.1) Release

Lee Skillen <lskillen@...>

[Note: This is a cross-post from the Library Manager Working Group - If you're not familiar with the goals of the working group or the library manager project, please refer to the links within the release documentation below.]

Dear Working Group,

We are pleased to announce the 0.1 (first draft) release of the library manager work package, and have created a GitHub fork of the OpenMAMA project to facilitate this.  All work is hosted within the feature-librarymanager branch (which is itself a branch of next).

Please note that this release is intended for review purposes only (please see the included disclaimer, mostly serious) and any comments would be welcome both on the GitHub project and via the release documentation (you will be able to add comments or ask questions).

The release documentation is available via Google Docs at:

We're looking forward to your feedback and assistance (there's still plenty to do).


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