OpenMAMA Forum Selection

Frank Quinn <>

Hi Folks,

After suggestion from a steering committee action, I have been looking at various options available with respect to providing OpenMAMA forum functionality. The forum would operate alongside the existing mailing lists and should be accessible and searchable for anyone who wants to avail of its knowledge.
  • Disqus (recommended): This is a freely hosted half-forum, half-comment-provider. It’s really designed to have follow ups on documentation pages but can also be browsed like a forum. You can log in with Disqus, facebook, twitter or google accounts. No maintenance is required and it already has integration support with our new technical documentation framework. I like this solution because I think it would operate nicely alongside what we have rather forking discussion arenas.
Others considered:
  • Proboards: I actually stumbled across since the initial research and it's a proper forum with topics etc and is freely hosted. Ticks all the boxes if you want more of an old-school forum, and is searchable without an account and unlimited in its access.
  • Discourse: Feels like it would overlap with github issues and wiki. Nice though as you can sign in with a github account. However would require us to host it unless you pay $100 pm (unless you go offbrand).
  • Flarum: Nice open source tool but is in beta phase and requires hosting to be set up which ultimately adds overhead to maintaining the project.
Let me know if you have any strong opinions either way folks. For me, it's really a two horse race between Disqus and Proboards but I'm open to suggestions (or even others that aren't listed here). Think about which one you'd be most likely to use.