Yesterday's OpenMAMA RPM Build Failures

Frank Quinn

Hi Folks,


TL;DR OpenMAMA RPM Builds were broken but now they're not.


As you may have seen yesterday I had a bit of a fight with the RPM builds. First of all I put in place a workaround for the fact that scons 3.0.1 is broken which involves downloading a portable version of the tool, then patching it. It's horrid but at least it will let us do the upcoming release without hating life.


When I deployed this it turned out that CentOS 6 didn't support recent versions of Fedora as of May last year, so I moved the build to run on CentOS 7.


After that, it turns out there was a download issues with sourceforge that was making results unpredictable so I replaced SF link with deep link.


Once I finally got CentOS 7 up and running, it turns out that it didn't work for dnf based fedora distros because of a config option, so I turned the config option on, only to find out that this option didn't work for 2 of the Fedora distros in question because CentOS 7 is yum based and these fedora builds are dnf based and <insert explanation why this didn't work here>.


Finally I moved to Fedora Server 27 instead which seems to be backwards compatible with the yum based repos fine which is why the RPM builds now work.


I appreciate the irony of sending an email to explain this, but I wanted to provide some detail as to why there were so many emails being spammed out to the developer mailing list yesterday, and advise you all of the current outcome.





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