OpenMAMA 6.3.0 Released

Frank Quinn

Hi Folks,

We are pleased to announce OpenMAMA 6.3.0 is finally here! This is a bridge interface updating release which fixes several outstanding bugs and introduces some new functionality.

  • OpenMAMA middleware "base" bridge now included to reduce the overall development required to write a new middleware bridge.
  • Builds now performed using docker environment
  • New docker image on dockerhub: (see: for documentation)
  • Several other bugs and enhancements
  • Fixes added for missing common headers on windows distribution
  • Payload_addMsg - now expects a mamaMsg rather than a msgPayload. This is to align with other payloads and support potential transcoding in the bridge
  • Payload_updateSubMsg - now expects a mamaMsg rather than a msgPayload for the same reason

For a complete list of all 24 issues included in this release, please see here:





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