Announcing OZ: a production-quality, open-source transport for OpenMAMA using ZeroMQ

Bill Torpey

Everyone on this mailing list is already well acquainted with OpenMAMA's awesome-ness, but I want to let you know about something that makes OpenMAMA even more awesome.

One thing that has always been a trouble spot for OpenMAMA is the lack of a reliable, high-performance, open-source transport library. The AVIS bridge was little more than a toy, and while the Qpid bridge was an improvement, there has never been a production-quality, open-source transport bridge for OpenMAMA.

Until now.

NYFIX, a division of Itiviti AB, has recently released an open-source transport for OpenMAMA based on ZeroMQ which we are calling OZ. OZ has been in live production use supporting the NYFIX Marketplace since early March in our data centers in Europe, Asia and the U.S., processing roughly 50 million messages per day.

OZ was designed to support many of the most popular features of typical MOM's:

  • publish/subscribe messaging using topic-based addressing, supporting hierarchical topic namespaces and "wildcard" subscriptions;
  • request/reply (inbox) messaging for transactional interactions;
  • dynamic service discovery with minimal configuration;
  • broker-less architecture for reduced latency and optimum throughput;
  • self-describing messages (thanks to OpenMAMA-omnm).

We recently published a whitepaper describing OZ, but the more technical-minded will probably prefer to check out the docs and/or take a look at the sample code. (In particular, the examples use modern C++ constructs to provide a kinder, gentler introduction to OpenMAMA).

We're hopeful that the OpenMAMA community will find OZ helpful, and we look forward to working with everyone in the community to make OZ, and OpenMAMA itself, even better. We encourage everyone to check out OZ at

Please contact me directly or raise an issue with any comments, suggestions, etc.