Capturec and tick42blp bridge

Macrux <kmacrux@...>

Hi folks,

As part of the work I'm doing with bloomberg and openmama, I'm trying to record the data coming from bloomberg through the bridge, I'm using this instruction:

capturec -m tick42blp -MS BlpMktData:blp_tport:symbols.sym

Where symbols.sym is a file containing only one symbol: "AAPL US Equity"

It starts to recording a file. After a while I stop the process with CTLR+C. Then I try to use the capturereplayc to play the file:

capturereplayc -S TEST -m qpid -tport pub -dictionary bbdict.txt -f 1221191001.playback

But the capturereplayc stops abruptly. The same happens if I try to use the dictionary provided in the openmama release.

So my question is, how could I record the data coming from bloomberg and then play them with the capturereplayc tool.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate your patience, I'm really new with openama.

Best regards,

PD: I attached the playback file recorded today just in case someone wants to test it.