Introducing OpenMAMA Integration Headers

Frank Quinn

Hi Folks,


The first version of OpenMAMA’s integration headers was merged into the development branch ready for 2018’s Q1 release last week.


For application developers, this effectively doesn’t change anything – these headers are not for you since they depend on users of them having access and understanding of the internals of OpenMAMA. You will find “there be dragons” style warnings in these headers and they may only be activated by defining a special macro.


For bridge and plugin developers however, this means it will now be possible to build bridges and plugins without needing access to OpenMAMA’s core code. This means that you don’t need to compile your own OpenMAMA / qpid / java / .net etc – you can just use OpenMAMA’s own off the shelf binary releases and all the resources will be in one place which should simplify build systems and CI environments. The function prototypes remain unchanged, but there will now be a public API through which you can access them.


For further details, see here:


For an example of the sort of changes which are required to leverage this new API, see:







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