Linux Supported Platforms

Frank Quinn

Hi folks,

I have recently been giving some thought to our currently supported Linux platforms which we package. I would be of the mind that:

1. We should drop Fedora packaging. No-one seems to use it and it moves very very quickly and breaks things regularly. The goal behind this was always to remain ahead of upcoming breaking RH changes but we now have CentOS Stream for that. Which brings me to...
2. We should add CentOS stream 8 and 9
3. We should drop Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and adopt Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
4. We should drop CentOS 6

Doing the above would also (finally) pave the way for decent C++11 support since no supported platform compilers remain which don't have good coverage of it.

Any thoughts welcome though but that's where my head is at at the moment.


Philip Preston