New OpenMAMA Website is Live!

Frank Quinn

Hi Folks,


After a successful testing period (thanks to all who were involved), we are delighted to announce the official launch the new OpenMAMA website which went live yesterday evening:


We will be getting the word out on social media so please like / share our posts to extend our reach! Also please update any existing links etc. to the OpenMAMA website where appropriate.


The site is a complete overhaul and has several key improvements over the former site beyond aesthetics:


  • It is responsive
  • It is a static, bloat-free website so it should load very quickly
  • You can submit your own suggested changes to the site via pull request because it's all on github
  • It merges the documentation and main marketing website into one
  • It generally tries to de-duplicate information and the content has had a general refresh


If there are any issues please raise them at and we hope you enjoy the new site! As usual, we’ll be keeping an eye on gitter if you have any immediate feedback / concerns.





Frank Quinn


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