Open MAMA - streamlining the experience for potential adopters

Phelan, Nigel

Hi all

As some of you will be aware there have been discussions in the steering committee recently regarding how to simplify the process of getting up and running with Open MAMA.  Initial feedback suggests that a part of the problem is that the quick start guide is very much aimed at someone who wants to take the open source distribution and get it up and running as a stand-alone messaging platform.  That is clearly an important aspect, but personal experience from some committee members suggests that a lot of people are actually starting by trying to download Open MAMA and then prove that it really works with their incumbent market data platform.  We would like to try to make that experience more straightforward than it currently is.  To do that I am setting up a working group to try to improve things in this area.  This email is intended as a call for volunteers.  If you would like to participate, please drop me a line to indicate your interest.  There are two areas where people can contribute:

1)      Offering suggestions about how the instructions, or the software distribution, could be improved to allow prospective users to get up and running more quickly

2)      Offering to work on some of the items put forward above and contribute improvements to documentation, code or packaging (this may not be an option for some advisory group members, but suggestions for improvements from that community would still be valued)

Thanks in advance to anyone who feels able to offer help.


Nigel Phelan – Open MAMA project coordinator


Nigel Phelan | Corporate & Investment Bank | Market Data Services | J.P. Morgan


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