OpenMAMA Library Manager - Second Draft (0.2) Release

Lee Skillen <lskillen@...>

[Note: This is a cross-post from the Library Manager Working Group - If you're not familiar with the goals of the working group or the library manager project, please refer to the links within the release documentation below.]

Working Group,

Continuing on the from 0.1 release, Ross (Geddis) has been diligently working through the to-do list that we identified and has now produced a draft 0.2 release for review.  The release documentation, which details the changes between 0.1 and 0.2, is available via Google Docs at:

As usual, all work is hosted within the feature-librarymanager branch of our github-based OpenMAMA fork, located at: (tags that can be retrieved as source distributions)

Thank you to those that have contributed feedback to the project so far - Continued feedback and assistance is genuinely appreciated.


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