OpenMAMA "top level" Common Headers

Frank Quinn

Hi Folks,


With more and more packaging options being made available to OpenMAMA, it was only a matter of time before the fact that our build system includes top level header files was to become an issue.


This was raised by our friends at Microsoft / vcpkg when they discovered that it conflicted with one of their headers.


I have suggested a workaround which was ultimately merged upstream, but it involves moving these trailing headers into the “wombat” subdirectory. So that’s:


  • destroyhandle.h
  • platform.h
  • list.h
  • lookup2.h
  • property.h
  • timers.h
  • wlock.h


Which will all shortly be moved into the wombat subdirectory through our build system when installing.


If you make direct use of these headers, to fix this in your code if you use these headers directly, you may simply add $MAMA_ROOT/include/wombat to your include paths (or better still, update your #include statements to use <wombat/>). The former is something you should be able to do now before the change lands so you are forwards compatible with it.


This is planned to be included in the next upcoming OpenMAMA release (currently 6.3.2).


If anyone desperately wants a configuration option to allow the legacy header location, that can also be considered, though since we’re trying to get included in as many upstream packing targets as possible, it will not be the default for our packaging going forward.





Frank Quinn


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