[Openmama-users] OpenMAMA, OpenMAMDA and OpenMDM

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Firstly most of our email correspondence is on the openmama-dev@... channel, this is the best place to open new topics for discussion.


OpenMamda is a framework running on top of OpenMAMA which provides a market data specific API abstracting quotes, trades, order books, option chains and more, and which provides significant functionality to simplify development of trading applications.

OpenMDM is the mapping for Market Data into a normalised format.

All of which are still alive and actively developed in the open source version as well as an enterprise product maintained by SR Labs.


OpenMAMA is well established a platform for market data consumption and as a foundation for trading applications therefore should be applicable to your needs.





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Hi there,

First of all, thanks in advance for your help. In second place, I want to know which is the relation between openMAMA, openMAMDA and OpenMDM and if are those projects still alive or have they been forgotten.

In third place, I'm trying to develop an algorithmic trading system that could be feeded by several data sources (live and historical) like bloomberg market data service, FIX 4.4 market data, among others,  and I would like to know if openMAMA is the right option.

Again, thanks for your comments and answers!