Operation Windows Love Concludes

Frank Quinn <fquinn.ni@...>

Hi Folks,

As part of the last round of integration testing prior to the last release, we noticed that Java and C# builds were actually broken and had to be fixed fairly last-minute.

To prevent this going forward, I have just merged some changes which:

 - Removes broken unit tests
 - Fixes working unit tests (including an actual bugfix spotted by some tests)
 - Adds running unit tests to ci script

This is for both Java and C# builds. Travis builds have also been updated so they will automatically be tested now on each PR raised.

This concludes "Operation Windows Love" which has been trickling in changes for over a year now to:

 - Improve the build experience on windows
 - Get unit tests running on windows
 - Get nunit tests running on windows
 - Get junit tests running on windows
 - Remove compiler warnings on windows
 - Modify CI to take advantage of the above

Don't get me wrong - there are still a *lot* of things we could still improve upon, but at least we have a decent minimum set to work from now.