Ian Bell <IBell@...>

commit 0747f4e1576b405113af509368b50f3dd2e2f0d8

Author: Ian Bell <IBell@...>

Date:   Thu May 17 21:49:45 2012 +0100


    [mamda] Fixed build for Java 1.7

    Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <IBell@...>


diff --git a/mamda/java/build.xml b/mamda/java/build.xml

index 395fad4..7300e68 100644

--- a/mamda/java/build.xml

+++ b/mamda/java/build.xml

@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@

      <echo message="ant.java.version=${ant.java.version}"></echo>

      <condition property="isJava5or6">


+     <equals arg1="${ant.java.version}" arg2="1.7"></equals>

      <equals arg1="${ant.java.version}" arg2="1.6"></equals>

      <equals arg1="${ant.java.version}" arg2="1.5"></equals>


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