Running latest OpenMAMA MamaResourcePool changes with Microsoft's Vcpkg

Frank Quinn

Hi Folks,


The following is to make testing the most recent changes easier particularly on windows… I have my own fork of vcpkg which points to the latest mama resource pool code.


Run this git command to grab a cut of my fork of vcpkg pointing to the latest openmama resource pool changes from my working branch


    git clone -b openmama-resource-pool-cut vcpkg-openmama


Then set up vcpkg:


    cd vcpkg-openmama



And install OpenMAMA into this environment:


    vcpkg install openmama:x64-windows


Then use Visual Studio / other IDE to open each tutorial from as a cmake project. In your cmake configuration, then set CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=\path\to\vcpkg-openmama\scripts\buildsystems\vcpkg.cmake to let your development environment pick up openmama via Cmake’s find_package with no further modifications / environment variables.





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