[PATCH] mamac: Provide access to subscriptionBridge from outside of bridge subscription component 2 messages By Joshua Salit ·
[PATCH 2.2] mamac: Rename xstr and str macros 2 messages By Berry, Matthew ·
working against NYSE simulator By tal shterenlicht ·
working against NYSE simulator 3 messages By tal shterenlicht ·
Code bug in network.c 2 messages By Richard Williamson ·
Tick42 BLP bridge v2 By Tom Doust ·
[MAMAC] Ensure that a subscription is created when the requiresInitial flag is false. By Conrad Patton ·
[MAMAC] Allow destruction of queue on timed shutdown. By Conrad Patton ·
[MAMDAJNI] Refactored class MamdaTradeListener to improve performance and Irregular Trade logic. By Conrad Patton ·
IMPORTANT: Git Repo Change By Damian Maguire ·
New Bridge and payload enumerators for OpenMAMA Thomson Reuters RMDS bridge 7 messages By Tom Doust ·
OpenMAMA Build Instructions 3 messages By Damian Maguire ·
Openmama-dev Digest, Vol 20, Issue 19 By Guy ·
Tick42 BLP Bridge - new version By Tom Doust ·
Question regarding publisher 5 messages By Johnson, Philip ·
Questions regarding inbox and replies 6 messages By Hoda, Sahir ·
New Bridge and Payload enumerators for OpenMAMA Informatica UMS bridge. 2 messages By Johnson, Philip ·
New Transport and Payload Bridge Enumerations for Vulcan OpenMAMA Bridge 2 messages By Thomas Gibson ·
memory leak in mamaMsg_detach()? 3 messages By Hoda, Sahir ·
[PATCH 01/10] [COMMON] Missing extern in timers.h 2 messages By Ian Bell ·
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