problem with mamaDictionary_getDictionaryMessage when multiple bridges are loaded 9 messages By Tom Doust ·
[PATCH 1/4] QPID: Added QPID Broker implementation 2 messages By Frank Quinn ·
"C" Unit-Test Support on Visual Studio 4 messages By Guy ·
[PATCH 2.3.1 1/1] Common: variable expansion in property value on the last line of properties file fails 5 messages By Guy ·
[PATCH 4/4] QPIDMSG: Fixed issue with reallocating vector fields By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 3/4] QPID: Fixed some memory leaks and removed old backwards compatibility By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 2/4] QPID: Added back -Werror to scons scripts By Frank Quinn ·
MAMA Qpid Proton... with broker support 2 messages By Frank Quinn ·
C99 support in OpenMama 2 messages By Benjamin Taieb ·
windows/*.h headers file missing in windows build. 4 messages By Benjamin Taieb ·
[PATCH] Modification to playbackFileparser.c By Adrienne Ambrose ·
[PATCH] mama & mamda apps do not flush data to log By Adrienne Ambrose ·
[PATCH] C# MamaFtMember bridged mode is not working By Adrienne Ambrose ·
[PATCH] Reservedfieldsimpl.h missing declaration in openmama. By Adrienne Ambrose ·
[PATCH] priceimpl improvements By Adrienne Ambrose ·
[PATCH] Log level not being published. By Adrienne Ambrose ·
[PATCH] FieldCache Improvments By Adrienne Ambrose ·
Bug#745099: openmama: FTBFS with Java 8: class MamdaLock is public, should be declared in a file named 2 messages By Daniel Pocock ·
Question about openWithProperties 2 messages By Tom Doust ·
[PATCH] MAMA: Made logging more accurate in MAMA Ft 2 messages By Frank Quinn ·
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