Feature Field Cache By Damian Maguire ·
OpenMAMA Library Manager - First Draft (0.1) Release By Lee Skillen ·
[PATCH] QPIDMSG: Fixed getNumFields to work where sub messages present 2 messages By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 2/2] TESTTOOL Mac support for mamaproducer/consumer v2 By Philip Preston ·
[PATCH 1/2] COMMON: clock_gettime for Mac OS X By Philip Preston ·
[PATCH] QPID: Logging bug By Philip Preston ·
broken link 2 messages By Daniel Pocock ·
[PATCH] [COMMON] API Code Hygiene improvements - Common 2 messages By Adrienne Ambrose ·
Bug#749812: openmama: Wrong number of arguments to mamaConnection_allocate to cause undefined behaviour 2 messages By Daniel Pocock ·
FW: qpid crash using Java JNI and OpenMAMA 2.3.0 By Guy ·
[PATCH] [MAMDACPP/MAMDAJAVA/MAMDAC#] Updates to SecurityStatus & SecuritySatusQual. 2 messages By Adrienne Ambrose ·
Mailing Lists By Damian Maguire ·
Inconsistencies with naming conventions for libraries 2 messages By Guy ·
[PATCH] [MAMAC] Update to mamaDispatcher_create to generate unique queue name By Adrienne Ambrose ·
[PATCH] [MAMAC] Modification to the log level of several messages within mamaMsg_isFromInbox() By Adrienne Ambrose ·
[PATCH] [MAMAC/MAMACPP/MAMDACPP] Update Makefile.sample to add ICC Support By Adrienne Ambrose ·
[PATCH] [MAMDACPP/ MAMDAJAVA] Update to correct state machine to allow reactivation from state deactivated. By Adrienne Ambrose ·
Issues building mamacpp with Visual Studio 4 messages By Guy ·
OpenJDK 1.8? 2 messages By Daniel Pocock ·
SCons build problems - DESTDIR 2 messages By Daniel Pocock ·
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