SNAPSHOTS Messages 2 messages By Eduardo ·
Dropping support for Qpid Proton <= 0.6 3 messages By Frank Quinn ·
OpenMAMA to OpenMAMDA Proxy App 2 messages By macrux ·
[PATCH 14/14] AVIS: Fixed corruption bug in realloc By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 13/14] UNITTEST: Remove presumptuous isTportDisconnected test By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 12/14] UNITTEST: Removed duplicateReplyHandle test By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 11/14] AVIS: Modified iterator to align with MAMA C++ Expectations By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 10/14] UNITTEST: Fixed assumption of order in iteration By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 09/14] UNITTEST: Fixed msgGetDateTimeMSecInValidName to behave correctly By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 08/14] AVIS: Added opaque data type serialization and deserialization By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 07/14] UNITTEST: Added some working getSendSubject unit tests By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 06/14] AVIS: Modified date time serialization to include flags By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 05/14] AVIS: Added avis implementation for muteCurrentTopic By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 04/14] AVIS: Added several value validation steps that unit tests require By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 03/14] AVIS: Pulled Queue and Timer implementation from qpid over to avis By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 02/14] AVIS: Pulled IO implementation from qpid over to avis By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 01/14] AVIS: Added NULL checks for all tests which caused crashing By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH] AVIS: Made some basic changes to eliminate crashes on CI tests By Frank Quinn ·
OpenMAMA 2.3.3 Released By Frank Quinn ·
[PATCH 2/2] RPM: Added RPM builds for CentOS 7, FC21, FC22 By Frank Quinn ·
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