Re: Times in the AVIS bridge

Glenn McClements <gmcclements@...>

Hi Mark,
There are some know issues with the Avis support, some architectural, some issues in the bridge and some within Avis itself, all of which which is not good it has to be said. The two biggest problem areas are: 

- timers
- lack of vector support in Avis

Rather than spend time fixing the Avis implementation I'm currently working with Red Hat and concentrating on making the AMQP Qpid bridges a "best practice" open source implementation. Avis will then be deprecated. 

Qpid does support vectors and overall ia a far better middleware, so in the long term this will be better for everyone but please do bear with us as we make the transition. 


From: Mark Perkin <mark@...>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 13:01:39 +0000
To: <openmama-users@...>
Subject: [Openmama-users] Times in the AVIS bridge

Hi All,

I recently grabbed the latest openmama and built it on CentOS 6.3. When I run the C unit tests using AVIS:

./UnitTestMamaC -m avis -p avismsg

It core dumps.

I've looked at the avis timer code and its clear that there are some serious threading problems - impl objects shared across threads without any synchronization, impl objects getting freed  in one thread then  later dereferenced, multiple frees of the same impl, etc.

Are these known issues and if so, is anyone working to fix the avis bridge code? I was thinking of starting to fix these but my concern is that the whole avis bridge code base my be in a poor state and I'd be diving down a rats nest.

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