Data Dictionary Developer Questions [I]

Joseph Sarbak

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Dear openmama-users@...,

For my employer, I am investigating the work required to publish market data to internal consumers over the OpenMama API. I have a couple questions regarding the default mama topic model and the data dictionary api. I would be very grateful if someone could either answer these questions or indicate whether I should be asking another mailing list.

0. The default OpenMama topic model is the concatenation of 'namespace'##'symbol'. Can OpenMama support multiple symbols published over a single topic? Would there be any complications (on the caching mechanism, for example) if a group topic model were followed?

1. Data Dictionary API: Can one enrish the standard field description with user-defined fields? Example custom fields would be: custom data-types, and byte-offset?

2. Data Dictionary API: Is there java support? Is there a plan for supporting java?

Thank you.

Joseph Sarbak

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