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Hi Paul,
Addressing your points inline below.

Matt Mulhern.

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Date: Monday, 18 February 2013 04:29
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Subject: [Openmama-users] .NET API?

Hi All,


I’m trying to start a POC with OpenMAMA using .NET, but I’m having trouble getting going.


I’m not clear on how to go about this as everything we’ve tried so far has not worked, and the documentation (here) isn’t very clear for C#. In section 1.4. it jumps into making calls into OpenMAMA but doesn’t explain what assembly needs referencing or how to set up the .Net project.


Also, in section 2.2 Windows it mentions a file with the following format;





<d> - a date stamp

<t> - a time stamp

<mw> - indicates the middleware this version of OpenMAMA is for

<VS> - the version of the Visual Studio compiler used

<branch> - the branch number


But I can’t find any such file anywhere on the OpenMAMA web site (i.e.not here)

This file description is related to how enterprise customers receive OpenMAMA within their release package. Pre-built OpenMAMA distributions for windows will be distributed on soon.


I’ve downloaded openmama-src- which contains a Visual Studio .sln file. This doesn’t build however (initially failing on flex.exe) and I can’t find any documentation on how to build it.

The build instructions for OpenMAMA are found in the README file in the root of the source tarball you have downloaded. Looking at your error, it sounds like you have not included flex  (a required package for OpenMAMA) in your PATH. I have copied the relevant README section below:

(from the OpenMAMA README)
"Set the AVIS_HOME environment variable appropriately.  This should contain
debug, release, and include folders.

Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable appropriately (for mamajni). This should
contain an include folder.

Set the ANT_HOME environment variable appropriately (for mamajni).

Set the GTEST_HOME environment variable appropriately (optional for unittests).
This should contain debug, release, and include folders.

Insure Flex is included in your path.

Open OpenMama.sln

Build common, then mama, then mamda. Avis folder should also be built, if not
previously done.

Concurrent building of multiple products may cause build fail.
Flex perbuild command is run when building common."


I can see the c# MAMA.cs file have p/invoke calls into a native dll called libmamacmd.dll, but I can’t find this file anywhere.

Shared object .dll files are created as part of the build process. Since you have not yet built OpenMAMA, they will not be present in your build directory.


Any help to get going would be appreciated!



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