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Glenn McClements <gmcclements@...>

Hi Mark, 

The auto-generated API documentation is in the Reference Manual below, but this doesn't give any more detail than is in the headers.

It looks like mamaSource section was missed in Dev Guide, the text is below and I've raised an issue for it but essentially it's a wrapper object for the transport and source name/namespace. The shipped examples show how to use it.

The mamaSourceManager is a simple factory/container class that may be useful to applications handling multiple sources. 

MAMA Source

A MAMA Source represents the information needed to find and use a set of data. Such information includes the MAMA Transport and Symbol Namespace and used by that source. Below shows how to create a MAMA Source, assuming that a Transport has already been createdn <>.


mamaSource source = NULL; 

mamaSource_create (&source); 

mamaSource_setId (source, "SourceName"); 

mamaSource_setTransport (source, transport); 

mamaSource_setSymbolNamespace (source, "NAMESPACE"); 

/* Set other properties */


MamaSource* source = new MamaSource ("SourceName", transport, "NAMESPACE");

// Set other properties


MamaSource source = new MamaSource ("SourceName", transport,"NAMESPACE");

// Set other properties


MamaSource source = new MamaSource (); = "SourceName"; 

source.transport = transport; 

source.symbolNamespace = "NAMESPACE";

// Set other properties



From: Mark Perkin <mark@...>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 11:27:56 +0000
To: <openmama-users@...>
Subject: [Openmama-users] mamaSource and mamaSourceManager


Is there any documentation on the mamaSource and mamaSourceManager types. There is only scant mention of the former in the C and C++ guides and no mention of the latter. Also, the api documentation in either case isn't very informative.


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