Re: OpenMAMA Wiki

Daniel Pocock

On 13/09/13 11:19, Damian Maguire wrote:
Morning folks, 

Just wanted to send out a quick note about a few of the new changes which are happening on the OpenMAMA wiki. We're currently putting a lot of effort into fleshing out the documentation around OpenMAMA, particularly related to bridge and payload development, but also more general information for other users, so there should be fairly regular updates and additions. 
If you're actively developing patches for OpenMAMA, I'd recommend you have a read of the patch submission and commit guidelines, which are a bit more detailed on the approach we're currently taking with things. 

If anyone is interested in contributing their own documentation, on any OpenMAMA related topic, we'd love to have it, so please drop me a mail and we'll arrange for access. 

Just some packaging related issues:

- I will probably create an openmama-doc package to distribute the docs built with doxygen, this will be very useful for users who are offline

- could you create links to the package pages from the web site and installation instructions?  I've put the Debian link below, Ubuntu is basically a mirror of Debian packages so their link will start showing their package details soon:

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