Re: [RFC] Platforms

Daniel Pocock

On 19/09/13 10:54, Damian Maguire wrote:
Morning folks, 

It's stats gathering time for OpenMAMA ;-)

Myself and Frank are currently doing some work on our CI environment and wanted to get a bit of feedback regarding the platforms people are working with, either for development or production (or indeed, environments they expect to be working with in the not too distant future). If you have a bit of time, I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know a few details (off list is fine if you're more comfortable with that):
  • Operating Systems used

I've also tried a build on GNU HURD and kFreeBSD kernels using the portability code from the "linux" tree under common and using the Debian toolset with those kernels.

It seems to build fine.  Maybe the linux tree could be renamed posix

--- a/common/c_cpp/
+++ b/common/c_cpp/
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ AC_CANONICAL_BUILD()
 # Set up symbolic links for os-specific files
 AC_MSG_NOTICE([Configuring symbolic links for $build_os in $srcdir])
 case $build_os in
-       linux*-*)   AC_CONFIG_LINKS([$srcdir/src/c/wombat/port.h:src/c/linux/port.h
+       linux*-*|kfreebsd-gnu|gnu)   AC_CONFIG_LINKS([$srcdir/src/c/wombat/port.h:src/c/linux/port.h

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