Re: another blog on market data with OpenMAMA

Damian Maguire <DMaguire@...>

This is great Daniel, very nice post. Some of the ideas you've mentioned
(accounting etc) would be very cool as well.

The LibreOffice idea sounds really interesting, and good to see the
LibreOffice guys are keen to get something moving. There was a commercial
offering from a group called MDX a few years ago to build a similar
streaming application for Excel, which used the previous commercial MAMA
version - Probably
worth taking a look at what they have there as well, might help inform a
way forward.

If there's anything we can do to help with the effort just let me know,
we'll do our best to assist in any way we can.



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On 11/27/13 7:17 PM, "Daniel Pocock" <> wrote:

I followed up on my blog post from August, giving the wider free
software community a more detailed overview of some of the possibilities
with market data.

There is also some related work going on in LibreOffice, there is a link
to their discussion thread:
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