Re: related projects for market data?

Damian Maguire <DMaguire@...>

As just mentioned on the other thread, I've seen a similar commercial
project targeted at Excel
(, but I don't know of
anything for LibreOffice. Some of the other guys on the lists may have
seen something though, so I'll leave that as an open question for them ;-)

The FHCE seems interesting, though I'd be concerned that the code is a bit
out of date - 3 years ago is a long time in Feedhandler land, and I know
that a number of the protocols they're supporting have certainly moved on
a bit (BATS Pitch has reached version 2.20 at least). That said, with
these things it's always going to be easier to improve pre-existing code
for your requirements than to write something from scratch, so in that
regard they may be useful depending on what exactly you wish to achieve.
Interfacing them with OpenMAMA would likely be an interesting project for
sure, but making them work as reasonable open source feedhandlers may take
a larger effort.

Do you have a specific use case in mind? Or were you hoping to just plug
in OpenMAMA and get data flowing?



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On 11/23/13 9:05 AM, "Daniel Pocock" <daniel@...> wrote:

Has anybody done any work on something like a LibreOffice Calc
spreadsheet extension for OpenMAMA, either for retrieving rates or
publishing them?

On the feed handler situation, somebody recently pointed this out to me:

and the code:

Has anybody worked with this? Does anybody feel it is suitable (or not)
for use with OpenMAMA?

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