Capturec and tick42blp bridge


Hi folks,

As part of the work I'm doing with bloomberg and openmama, I'm trying to record the data coming from bloomberg through the bridge, I'm using this instruction:

capturec -m tick42blp -MS BlpMktData:blp_tport:symbols.sym

Where symbols.sym is a file containing only one symbol: "AAPL US Equity"

It starts to recording a file. After a while I stop the process with CTLR+C. Then I try to use the capturereplayc to play the file:

capturereplayc -S TEST -m qpid -tport pub -dictionary bbdict.txt -f 1221191001.playback

But the capturereplayc stops abruptly. The same happens if I try to use the dictionary provided in the openmama release.

So my question is, how could I record the data coming from bloomberg and then play them with the capturereplayc tool.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate your patience, I'm really new with openama.

Best regards,

PD: I attached the playback file recorded today just in case someone wants to test it.

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