OpenMAMA End of Support for Avis

Frank Quinn <>

Hi Folks,

I'd like too propose that we stop maintaining the avis bridge for OpenMAMA and that the release which just went out (2.4.1) is the last to support avis, which may then be removed from the code base.

This has already been agreed by the Steering Committee, but I want to put it out there to the users and dev mailing lists to see if there are any further objections, or if anyone would like to step up and take ownership of the bridge (e.g. split out an external OpenMAMA-avis project).

There are several reasons for wanting to retire support for avis:

1. To the best of my knowledge, nobody is using it (we never hear of it on the mailing list any more).
2. Avis itself hasn't been updated in 7 years
3. It's a resource drain on any new functionality we may add for zero return.
4. Even today, doesn't pass all unit tests because the payload doesn't support all OpenMAMA functionality.

It's all about focus - I want to make sure that we spend time focusing on what people are actively using.

If anyone has any sentimental attachment to the avis bridge, please speak up now.

We are currently scheduling the removal of avis from the codebase on 25th July.


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