Re: OpenMAMA-6.2.2-rc1 Now Available

Frank Quinn <fquinn@...>

Hi Folks,


Hope testing is going well!


We’ve just submitted a change to correct a few unit test compiler warnings and memory leaks recently introduced but nothing which impacts core code so there’s no current reason to extend the RC window.


Just a reminder that we’re going into the final week of testing here so if anyone has spotted anything unusual please speak up now if you want a fix to make it into this release!





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From: Frank Quinn
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Subject: OpenMAMA-6.2.2-rc1 Now Available


Hi Folks,


We are pleased to announce the first release candidate for OpenMAMA 6.2.2 is now available:


This is a maintenance release which fixes several outstanding bugs and introduces some new functionality.


Key features include:


  • Introduction of pluggable DQ strategies (Market Data Subscription recovery mechanisms). See
  • Added new methods mamaMsg_toJsonString and mamaMsg_toNormalizedString
  • OpenMAMA source structure moved to maven and build system moved to gradle
  • Cmake support now available (experimental). Note it will replace scons in the next release and supports Windows, Linux and OSX
  • OpenMAMA added to Microsoft vcpkg for easy nuget packaging and building from source
  • OpenMAMA Integration headers now available to allow developers to build plugins and bridges without access to the source code. See
  • Added implementation for mamaPrice_setFromString
  • MamaPrice can now support decimal point precision up to 16 places
  • Implement MamaFieldCache in JNI enhancement
  • Support for setting mamaDateTime with pre-1970 dates on Unix platforms
  • Removal of Visual Studio compiler warnings
  • Added Appveyor integration for CI
  • Add support for autoloading payload bridges from config


For a complete list of all 54 issues included in this release, please see here:


Thank you all in advance for your help in testing - if you spot any issues, please follow our guidelines for raising an issue, or even better, follow our guidelines for raising a patch.


Since the release is significant, the testing period will be 3 weeks from today making the target release date 20th June and everyone is invited to try it out - binary releases are available at the link above.


If critical issues are found and not resolved before this date, we will continue to go through weekly release candidates until have a stable release ready.





Frank Quinn


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