OpenMAMA 6.2.2 Released

Frank Quinn <fquinn@...>

Hi Folks,


We are pleased to announce the final release of OpenMAMA 6.2.2 is now available:


Note that for the first time, a OpenMAMA generally available release is now available via Maven Central, Microsoft’s vcpkg and yum repositories (via Cloudsmith).


Documentation will be coming in the following weeks with more details including how to use our new experimental cmake build system!


This is a maintenance release which fixes several outstanding bugs and introduces some new functionality.


Key features include:


  • Introduction of pluggable DQ strategies (Market Data Subscription recovery mechanisms). See
  • Added new methods mamaMsg_toJsonString and mamaMsg_toNormalizedString
  • OpenMAMA source structure moved to maven and build system moved to gradle
  • Cmake support now available (experimental). Note it will replace scons in the next release and supports Windows, Linux and OSX
  • OpenMAMA added to Microsoft vcpkg for easy nuget packaging and building from source
  • OpenMAMA Integration headers now available to allow developers to build plugins and bridges without access to the source code. See
  • Added implementation for mamaPrice_setFromString
  • MamaPrice can now support decimal point precision up to 16 places
  • Implement MamaFieldCache in JNI enhancement
  • Support for setting mamaDateTime with pre-1970 dates on Unix platforms
  • Removal of Visual Studio compiler warnings
  • Added Appveyor integration for CI
  • Add support for autoloading payload bridges from config


For a complete list of all 55 issues included in this release, please see here:


A special thanks to all developers, contributors and testers who helped is getting this out door.






Frank Quinn


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