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Carlos Hernandez

Hi folks, 

Some of you know me as an ex-NYSE tech guy, so I hope you will forgive me if my reasoning is faulty.

As I look to the protocols that the exchanges use to distribute their market data, is like the museum of technology history: UDP, itch, ouch, rash, XDP, FIX/FAST.  Nothing has really happened for years.

If a new exchange were to appear, it would face the harsh choice of using one of this formaldehyde preserved protocols, probably ITCH as some have done recently or develop one of its own (but get no traction with those that have to consume their data and repeat the errors of the past)

Furthermore, the biggest problems with choosing one of the above is the staid smell of their technology and the hidden IP issues, that the CME debacle with FIX/FAST uncovered.

Enter the OpenMama world. I know is dynamic, open (free of the obvious IP booby traps) and lovely supported by you guys, amongst whom I see people that I both like and respect technically.

What FIX/FAST promised back in the day is something I think is still worth accomplishing. Is OpenMama + OpenMDM + Open symbology ready to support market data distribution akin to what a exchange needs to offer and do so in a standard fashion?  

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