OpenMAMA OMNM 1.0.0 Released

Frank Quinn

Hi Folks,


It has been a while since the last release but we’re pleased to announce the release of OpenMAMA OMNM 1.0.0. This release includes:


  • Complete interface compatibility with OpenMAMA
  • Complete unit test coverage for all official OpenMAMA unit tests
  • Platform support for all OpenMAMA supported platforms including Windows and OSX
  • A set of methods to support extending omnm for use in other payload bridges with reduced code required:
    • omnmmsgPayloadImpl_[gs]etExtenderClosure to allow the extender
      to attach their own internal object to the omnm payload
    • omnmmsgPayloadImpl_updateVectorMsgPayload to allow the extender
      to update vectors of messages without needing an intermediate
      mamaMsg for each submsg.

Release artifacts can be found here:

Or by running:

yum / apt upgrade openmama-omnm

From the OpenMAMA thirdparty repository hosted by our friends at cloudsmith:

The first implementation based on this base bridge will be released soon too and adds support for msgpack.





Frank Quinn


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