New Technical Documentation Resource for OpenMAMA

Frank Quinn <>

Hi folks,

As we have discussed before, documentation is something that we are all keen to make improvements upon. With that in mind, I am pleased to announce the launch of our new technical documentation website

There's not much there at the moment that doesn't already exist, but going forward, it should be considered the new home for:

- Reference documentation
- Application Developer Guides
- Bridge Developer Guides
- Plugin Developer guides
- Tutorials
- Example Code walkthroughs
- RFCs
- Any other technical documentation (e.g. contents of current wiki)

In the coming months, we'll be aggregating all existing technical documentation to this website and building out additional content as we go. We'll also be updating links etc.

You are all encouraged to get involved - anyone can pull down the git repository behind this site ( and run it locally using instructions provided in the Contribute section or make minor changes (e.g. to RFCs) using the Edit functionality to participate.

If you have any problems, drop in on our Gitter channel and let us know.