OpenMAMA 6.1.0 Released

Frank Quinn <>

Hi Folks,

We are pleased to announce the final release of OpenMAMA 6.1.0 is now available:

This mostly a maintenance / bugfix release, but it also jumps the version number from 2.4.1 to 6.1.0. I appreciate it's a big jump but it should make the following things clear to the community and anyone watching the project:

  • OpenMAMA is the equivalent to Vela's "MAMA 6" (Vela have also agreed to move to 6.1.x to align with OpenMAMA).
  • Users of both Vela's Enterprise release of MAMA and OpenMAMA can easily see what equivalent versions will be.
  • Users upgrading from Vela's older MAMA 5 can have more sane #ifdefs in their code if they're trying to support both versions during migration.
Note that bridge has not been changed as part of this release so all bridges and plugins which worked with 2.4.x will also work with 6.1.x.

At a high level, the main new functionality is in the following areas:
  • Removed all known valgrind reported memory leaks from our CI test bed and API
  • Avis now removed (see the mailing list entry)
  • Added Payload and Middleware unit tests on Visual Studio projects
  • Added ability to provide a separate timeout for recaps
  • Fixed issue where book recaps were being ignored duing FT takeover
  • Fixed issue where wildcard subscription OnMsg callback is called with NULL instead of topic
  • Wired up mamamsg vector price and vector datetime field types
  • Qpid support to stop publishing to departed subscribers added
  • Fixed core on startup where no entitlements were defined
  • Fixed race condition deadlock in mamaDispatcher_destroy

For a complete list of all 69 issues and pull requests included in this release, please see here:

As well as new functionality, we have also continued with a few devops changes since the last OpenMAMA Release:
  • New python script in place to do jenkins CI builds
  • Qpid proton build script now modified to include the qpid proton DLL on windows scons builds
  • Modified release generating script to allow binary drops for RC releases
  • Added Fedora 24 RPM and removed Fedora 21 RPM
  • Github landing page has gotten a bit of a facelift including CI status
A special thanks to all developers, contributors and testers who helped is getting this out door.