OpenMAMA-6.2.0-rc1 Now Available

Frank Quinn <>

Hi Folks,

We are pleased to announce the first release candidate for OpenMAMA 6.2.0 is now available including binary releases:

This release bumps the version of OpenMAMA up to 6.2.0 due to recent MAMA Payload changes which could potentially break the bridge for payload bridges which treat mamaDateTime as a U64 pointer and attempt direct access. See the RFC on the change for for more details.

Payload bridge developers in particular are encouraged to rigorously test their bridges with this release.

Key changes and bugfixes included in this release:

  • New extended MamaDateTime changes to support date ranges beyond the 2038 problem
  • Added thread pinning for process thread affinity
  • Performance improvements made for mamaDqPublisher_send
  • Fixed transient access violation issues in windows when using wtimegm
  • New MAMA methods for looking up middleware and payload bridges
  • Performance improvements to mamaproducerc_v2
  • Added new document generating script for updating
  • Added new helper method for finding a file in a delimited path (e.g. PATH or WOMBAT_PATH)
  • Added new helper method for loading in a MAMA format symbol file in a standard way

For a complete list of all 22 issues and pull requests included in this release, please see here: