openmama build problem -

Matthew Mulhern <MMulhern@...>

I have been trying to install openmama on a CentOS 5 VM with varying degrees of success.
My first problem was, after downloading the source from the website archive (openmama releases), running the script led to "cp: cannot stat" errors. 

It seems that the generateBuildFiles script calls libtoolize which is supposed to create within the working directory. Unfortunately, after looking this issue up online  (GNU - libtoolize) it seems that this tool has become deprecated in that this function is no longer carried out (in favour of  autoreconf  -i being used instead).

On slightly editing the script so that it copies the required from /usr/share/libtool, the build seems fine from then on. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen problems like this?

I have attached the original and edited shell scripts used.

With thanks,
      Matt Mulhern

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