[Openmama-dev] Gitter vs IRC

Frank Quinn <f.quinn@...>

Hi Folks,


All links on the openmama website have now been updated to point to Gitter rather than IRC (and a few pages have been cleaned up during the review). If anyone spots any stale references to IRC, please let me know.


I am pleased to say it really has grown to be quite lively - we already have more active participants than we ever had on IRC so I think it was the right move.


We also just updated wiki.openmama.org to point to the github wiki rather than the old mediawiki installation to avoid duplication and forking of our development documentation.





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Hi folks,

As we have heard no objections, we'll be going ahead with the move to gitter. It is ready to go right now and you'll find the usual IRC folks in Gitter. Meanwhile we'll work on updating all documentation etc to point to gitter rather than freenode.




On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 9:05 PM, Frank Quinn <fquinn.ni@...> wrote:

Hi folks,

We're currently looking at gitter as a potential IRC compatible replacement and my personal opinion is that we should go with it.


You can already mess about in the proposed channel; you can read anonymously, or use a github or twitter account to contribute: 



It has several great features:

1. Instant messages are persisted to the room, so you will see history when you log in
2. Sensible concurrent login access with no username1 nonsense
3. Web front end comes for free
4. Provided by github so integrates very nicely into the project wiki etc
5. Native client provided for Mac, windows, Linux, iPhone and android
6. Also compatible with standard IRC clients


1. It increases the github lock-in
2. You'll need a github or twitter account to contribute

If anyone has any feedback about making the move, please speak up now. I'm sending this to both users and developers because it will impact both and I'll welcome and consider all responses. I'd hope that we can agree a decision one way or another by 7th June, then (if necessary) take the plunge.



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