Tick42 bidge for TREP

Tom Doust



Many of you will be aware that Tick42 have been developing an OpenMAMA bridge for Thomson Reuters TREP.  You may also have noticed that it was publicly announced yesterday.


There is a press release at http://www.finextra.com/news/announcement.aspx?pressreleaseid=60079  and details of how to get it at http://tick42.com/trepbridge


The Tick42 Bridge provides support for subscribing to L1 and L2 data (full book or aggregated by price) and published amam messages as either an interactive or non-interactive provider. It supports contribution by posting rssl messages. It includes flexible mapping between TR and mama/mamda fieldnames, field ids and types. In addition to the open source release we have an enhanced version that is available under licence from Tick42 that includes source discovery, the ability to accept posted messages, handling legacy MFEED messages, and, in the next release, the ability to handle ANSI page data.


Please note that you will need a licenced UPA SDK from Thomson Reuters in order to build and run the code and obviously a TREP infrastructure to connect to.


Please feel free to contact us either directly or through the OpenMAMA mailing lists if you have questions or comments.


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