Tick42 BLP Bridge - new version

Tom Doust

Tick42 contributed a new version of our Bloomberg OpenMama bridge to the GIT today. It can be obtained from http://git.openmama.org/openmama-tick42.git/


The major focus for this release was to allow existing mama subscriber applications to work with the Bloomberg data with minimum changes other than symbol names. In order to support this goal an efficient field mapping layer has been introduced that allows Mama subscribers to continue using fields like wBid, wAsk and wLastPrice rather than BID,ASK and LAST_PRICE.


The field mapping is configurable (defined in loadable csv files) and an initial mapping for Bloomberg real time fields and come common static fields is included. We look forward to users uploading additional mappings they find useful.


In addition to the optional field mapping this version also includes:


-          Linux build scripts.

-          Extensive build documentation 

-          Extended documentation for configuring and runnin the OpenMAMA sample apps to include the C,  .Net and java samples on Windows and the C and java samples on linux

-          Support for mama dictionary download.


Areas for future versions we are considering include:

-          Support for history requests.

-          Conversion of bloomberg structure strings into mama array types for multi-valued data such as index member lists



Tom Doust



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