Tick42 BLP bridge v2

Tom Doust

We are now code complete on version2 of the tick42 blp bridge for OpenMAMA and will be uploading new source to the GIT in the near future


This version includes


·         Configurable mapping of field names from Bloomberg names to MAMA/Wombat names and fids. This allows Bloomberg fields to be mapped to the field names used by existing MAMA client applications, for example LAST_PRICE to wLastPrice, BID to wBid, ASK to wAsk etc  

·         Configurable mapping field types

·         Name and type mappings loadable from an external csv file.

·         Support for data dictionary subscription. The subscribed dictionary optionally includes unmapped Bloomberg field names

·         Support for Linux. Code has been refactored for platform independence. The build environment includes ‘make’ and ‘sln’ files and we also provide a cmake script to simplify extending the code.




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